A T-shaped, creative, and passionate UX-Designer.

My mission: Bring joy and make a difference

I am a solid, curious, and engaged person. My goal is to grow even further, and learn more.

My Iterative process.

This is how I usually work.

Creating problem statement, polls and surveys, interviews. No guessing.

What user problems to solve; Build up a clear picture of who my users are and what they expect from a given experience; Validate or invalidate your assumptions. Again, no guessing.

Turn sketching into wireframes and clickable prototypes. Ideas may be accepted, rejected or reconstructed. No ego.

Test my solutions iteratively, low-to-high fidelity. Guerilla usability tests, accessibility tests and user testing in lab. Moving forward, or pivoting.

Either hand my work over to Graphic designer or implement the UI myself, before handing it over to dev team. Depends on the project. Multiple meetings with dev team to ensure everything is implemented the right way.

Additional questions I usually ask before and during the design process.

Who are we designing for?

Why are we designing this solution?

Are we focusing on the problem?

With all the data gathering we have done, can we now understand the user perspective?

Is this solution:

           – Useful?
           – Reliable?
           – Usable?
           – Effective?
           – Efficient?

How does the user feel when using our product?

What feedback do we have, and more importantly; what are we doing with it?

Work that I am proud of.

Let’s get down to business.

Project: NPRA

The project was a collaboration between the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Accenture. The project’s goal was to terminate the old motor vehicle register and replace it with a whole new system that can handle all the processes in a vehicles lifespan. The project is one of Norways largest and most complex digitization projects in the public sector, and in 2021 the old system that has operated since 1981 will be shut down.

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Project: NLWS

The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration is a cornerstone in the Norwegian Welfare System. NAV manages 1/3 of the government budget and serves 2,8 million people in Norway. With 19.000 employees NAV manages 60 benefits using 300 data systems.

Parental benefits is among NAVs key responsibilities, making up 20 billion NOK and 180 000 applications annually. The Parental Benefits Project was a 750 million NOK venture, implementing a new system using an agile approach, with a view to user friendliness, increased automation and value creation.

🏆 NAV was awarded the Digitalization Prize in 2019 for the new digital application for parental benefits, ranked as “world class” at Net Promoter Score.

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